Gifts from God

My boys started school this week and I read my oldest a letter from Glennon Melton the night before school. The full letter can be accessed here:

On the way to school I gave the boys the abridged version. I reminded them that their classmates are gifts from God and that they want to do their best to remind their friends of this through their actions.  My oldest had a very interesting response.

What if they aren’t a Christian? Are they still a gift from God? Yes, definitely I said and this led to deeper conversation.

I let the boys know that I believe God is not only a Christian God.  We have chosen as a family to call God “God” and we choose to worship him in a Christian church. We believe in Jesus and the bible but that does not mean it is the only way to God.

I told them that some people find God through the practice of Judaism and go to Temple. Some people call God “Allah” and practice Islam. Some people find God by being in nature and call God “Universe” or “Love”.   Some people practice Buddhism or Hinduism and call God by many names or none at all.

We are simply humans seeking a deeper and greater connection to that which is much greater than us and beyond our understanding. I am doing my best to remember that I am a divine child of God and so are you. Everyone we meet on this path may be practicing differently from us but the Light within them is not diminished.

So whatever your understanding is of the Divine, may you remember today that God is within us all.  Some of us remember today that God is within us and some of us need a loving reminder in the form of a smile or eye contact.  Some of us have forgotten the Divine within our neighbor, like every living neighbor on this planet, but that does not diminish the Light either. We are God’s gift to each other; may we treat each other with tenderness and Love.


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