Integrity is a theme in our house right now. Integrity is about doing what we say we are going to do and it is so much more. Integrity is like authenticity in action. We are in integrity when the inside matches the outside and our actions speak the truth of who you are. So, how does one live a life of integrity?

First of all, we have to have clarity around that to which we say “yes”. It is helpful to recognize that when we say “yes” to something, we are saying “no” to something as well. It is big work for me to get real clear on where my “yeses” go and if they are in alignment with who I am and how I want to live my life. Once I’m clear, I have to consciously devote myself to that particular “yes” to the best of my ability even when it means I’ve unconsciously said “no” to something more exciting or intriguing.

The tricky thing about integrity is that our bodies cannot lie. Our body language and our posture speak the truth of what is happening within us. Our minds can spin stories and create an altered reality but the body always exhibits the truth of what is within. So integrity requires that we tune into the messages of our body trusting that these messages take us into a deeper understanding of the inner truth of our experience.

As with most things, the practice of awareness is key. It is our work to get in touch with what our body, our mind, our emotions, and our spirit is saying and begin to integrate all four. Integrity doesn’t mean that we show up perfect and happy all of the time, integrity means that we show up to what is. Integrity is feeling, speaking, sensing, and being in the experience of the moment.

When we allow the newness of each moment to teach us, we become more and more integrated. Today, may we choose to be integrated and have the courage to immerse ourselves in what is. May we live active lives of integrity and authenticity. May we trust “all is well” no matter what our experience may be. And may we be vulnerable enough to allow others to see the truth of our inner world.


Let it Be

Everyday we are given a set amount of energy and we are given free will around how we choose to use it. Very often we think about what we do as the main way we spend our energy, but I’m noticing that the thoughts I entertain have a greater effect on my energy resources than the actions I take during the day. In fact, if I can remain spacious in my head, I have a whole lot more energy for taking loving action.

I’ve been taught to view my energy as a battery. There are only a few ways to increase our energy: sleep, food, and meditation. There are a myriad of ways to spend our energy both positive and negative, conscious and unconscious. The goal is to become more and more aware of our battery and the things we do that increase and decrease our energy.

Ideally, we awake each day with a full battery and we fall asleep each night with a battery at 0%. The use of stimulants, depressants, processed food, and electronics all affect the functioning of our battery. We can make conscious choices about what we put in our bodies and we can be conscious around our “energy leaks”.

For me, my “energy leaks” occur when I use my allotted energy or power on things that are out of my control or not mine to do. I’m learning that it is up to me to “hold my power” and utilize my allotted energy on what is my “next right thing to do”. I read somewhere, “no one can steal your peace, you can only give it away”.

So what I’m finding is that my mental chatter depletes my battery faster than anything else. When I spend my time not focused on what I’m doing and instead focused on an imagined reality in my head, I’m exhausted. I find that I spend way more energy imagining how a situation will turn out than the actual amount of energy it takes to live that situation.

I find that when I focus on where I am in the moment and do what is clearly mine to do, I get so much more completed and I’m filled with gratitude. I find that at the end of a mindful, spirit-led day I fall fast asleep with a depleted battery and a sense of fullness. When I allow my battery to be drained by stress and worry, I fall into a place of scarcity and there is never enough and the thought of recharging my battery though sleep or meditation seems impossible.

May we trust that there is always enough when we do what is ours to do with presence and peace of mind. May we “let it be” and trust all is well. May we choose Love over fear.

“Fear does not prevent death. It prevents life”. -Naguib Mahfouz